Our carousel lecture, titled “Legacies and heritage: Aspects of premodern and modernizing Korea and their lasting (or imagined) relevance for today’s Korean society”, altogether constitutes a regular course. It takes place every second week from February 23 to May 18 and is composed of actually two regular classes, amounting to a total of 180 minutes of teaching. At the same time, these classes are announced like a guest lecture, open to the interested public.

Korean Buddhism: Old Tradition, Recent Invention, Contentious Koreanness
Marek Zemánek (Prague)

The Transition of ‘Pre-modern’ to ‘Modern’ Korean Literature: A Critical Inquiry
Jerôme de Wit (Tübingen)

Confucian Academies in Korea: Past and Present
Vladimir Glomb (Berlin)

Commoner Women’s Lives during 19th and early 20th Century Korea
Codruța Sîntionean (Cluj-Napoca)

Heroization in Korean History: A case study on the construction of Crown Prince Sado
Barbara Wall (Copenhagen)

Korean Mask Dance Dramas as a Window into the Past and as a Protected Cultural Heritage
CedarBough T. Saeji (Vancouver)

Fr. Andreas Kim Taegŏn (1821–1846) and the fate of the Korean Catholic Church
Pierre-Emmanuel Roux (Paris)