Issues defining today’s Korea(s)”, our second carousel lecture, comprises seven lectures and altogether constitutes one regular course. It takes place every second week from February 15 to May 10. Every lecture is composed of actually two regular classes, amounting to a total of 180 minutes of teaching. Seven internationally recognized university teachers, scholars and experts in Korea-related humanities, cultural studies, or cultural anthropology present research-based teaching, inquiring into special aspects of contemporary Korea.

Hangul Nationalism in the 20th Century
Thorsten Traulsen (Bochum)

“Your pancakes are so incredibly crispy! What on earth is the secret ingredient?”: Korean ‘Feel-Good Talk’ linguemes through the lense of linguistic and cultural semiotics
Stefan Knoob (Duisburg)

Contemporary South Korean Literature: A Key to Korean Culture
Anastasia Guryeva (St. Petersburg)

The Practice of ki suryŏn (“Life Energy Training”) in Contemporary South Korea
Victoria Ten (Jeon Yeonhwa) (Leiden)

Korean Migration and Diaspora in Contemporary East Asia: Mobility, Identity, and New Forms of Belonging
Markus Bell (Sheffield)

North Korean Ideological Discourse: Hwang Sok-yong’s Novel Baridegi as a Mirror of Reality
Andrii Ryzhkov (Mexico City)

Along the Mountain-Spine of All Korea: Trekkers, Tourists, Spirits and Sacred-Sites of the Baekdu-daegan Range
David Mason (Seoul)