1st Prize (25 000 CZK)

Jan Čermák & Veronika Dvorská
Thuy Duong Dominika Nguyenová & Václav Pindur

(6 250 CZK each)


2nd Prize (10 000 CZK)

Bianka Mesárošová


3rd Prize (5 000 CZK)

Jana Hrubá
Markéta Zavoralová

(2 500 CZK each)


Award winning projects


1st Prize: Jan Čermák & Veronika Dvorská

1st Prize: Thuy Duong (“Dominika”) Nguyenová & Václav Pindur

A video about Hangeul alphabet. Through this video we would like to introduce the basics of Korean alphabet to primarily Czech people. Our video has an educational character but we also tried to make it more entertaining by involving Vašek (as a Czech person) in an experiment if he would able to learn the Hangeul just in one afternoon. Thus the video is kind of a vlog of personal experience with learning Hangeul for the first time as well.

2nd Prize: Bianka Mesárošová

3rd Prize: Jana Hrubá

To raise the awareness of Olomouc in Korea I decided to create a blog on Korean platform Naver. Blogging is still very popular in Korea and many travellers use blogs to report about their trips and plan the next one. That’s why I think promoting Olomouc there in Korean language can make more Koreans visit Olomouc when they come to Czech republic. It can also be a source of information for Korean students that are coming to Palacký University.

On the blog I created different categories for articles such as history, traditions, festivals or shopping. I also included popular Korean slag topic matchip — a restaurant known for delicious food. I aim to fill this blog with information about the city and tips for tourists. I also want to post updates about what’s happening in the city and if there are some interesting events. I made a separate Naver account for this blog so given the access other Korean studies students can also write and publish articles there. For example, students can prepare something as a part of their class and the good one would be published.

I would like to submit this concept that I plan to develop in future as much as possible. For now, I created the basic website and published one opening article.

3rd Prize: Zavoralova Marketa (& dad)

Jury members:
KIM Gwangseok (Krakow), SHIN Sang Hyun (Bratislava), Agnieszka Smiatacz (Wrocław), Jerôme de Wit (Tübingen), YUN Sun Young (Vienna)

Martin Šturdík, Andreas Schirmer