“I/We and Korea”


The Korean section of the Asian Studies Department invites all students of Palacký University Olomouc to participate in a creativity contest. Knowledge of Korean is not a prerequisite.

  • Grand prize: 25 000 CZK
  • 2nd prize: 10 000 CZK
  • 3rd prize: 5000 CZK

Submissions (in Czech, English or Korean) should either

  • raise the awareness of Korean language, Koreans or Korean studies in Olomouc
  • or the awareness of Olomouc in Korea
  • or generally the awareness of Korea among Czechs.

Note: “Korea” comprises the historical Korea, the two Korean states and somehow also the Korean diaspora. However, we will prefer submissions related to South Korea.

Participation is possible either

  • individually, as a single competitor, or
  • as a team

Including a student from Korean studies might be a good idea in some cases. Teams may also include exchange students.

“Creativity” should mean: We do not want to set limits for your imagination.

You may, just for example:

  • Stage a one-time public happening in front of the historical clock – you submit a video thereof.
  • Upgrade your favorite café with your photos from Korea – you submit the photos and a video of your vernissage.
  • Participate in another ongoing contest (find the next Moravian superstar) with a Korea-related contribution – you sing a Korean song there and submit a video of that plus the related material produced by the makers of that other contest.
  • Persuade the editors of local paper to publish a text written by you (a text which fits the purpose of the contest).
  • Cooperate with a school in Olomouc to teach an afternoon class, trying to verify whether it really takes only one afternoon to learn hangul – and make a video of this.
  • Train a group of kindergarten children so that they can perform one of those many nice Korean choreographies for kids – you make a video of your teaching plus of the performance.
  • Go out to the streets and teach a dozen of randomly recruited Olomoucers very short Korean dialogues, of course different ones to different people, and thus produce a set of authentic emotional interaction (best example: “I love you” – “I love you too”) in Korean, performed by people who had never spoken any word in Korean before – and you submit not only a video of the final result but also document the whole “making of” on video.

Maybe there are projects that need no video due to their special character. But it goes without saying that the work has to be well documented and videos are an obvious medium.

You may increase your chances by finding a sponsor for what you do, so that you can do even more spectacular things.

You may also consult the organizers via seed@upol.cz and discuss your plans.

Participants should submit their result either by e-mail attachment to seed@upol.cz or upload to a platform and send the link or submit it on a USB in person to Martin Sturdik or Andreas Schirmer. We will make efforts to create a maximum of public awareness and promotion via other channels (media, embassy etc.).

The judges will be staff and members of the university; members of the public and of the Korean community in the Czech Republic.

The jury will decide in consideration of the following criteria:

  1. Creativity (originality, novelty).
  2. Impact & outreach: How many people have been reached and/or how many people can be expected to appreciate this work if we promote this as a prize-winning work?
  3. Applicability – “Could this idea be well adopted by others and find followers?” – OR “Inimitability” – “Is this unique?”: two complementary, alternative criteria.
  4. Technical quality / Quality of the documentation.
  5. Quality of accompanying text and description.
  6. Sponsoring: bonus points for projects that enhanced their quality through sponsors.

Deadline for submission: May 20.

Announcement of winners and prize ceremony: May 30.