The Korean section of the Department of Asian Studies at Palacký University offers again a lecture series (“carousel lecture”) in the summer semester of 2020. Seven internationally recognized scholars and distinguished experts in Korea-related humanities, cultural studies, or cultural anthropology present research-based teaching and inquire into special aspects of premodern and early modern Korea.

This third carousel lecture is, as the two previous ones, part of a “SEED” project for Korean Studies at Palacký University, funded generously by the Korean Studies Promotion Service, Academy of Korean Studies.

In one case, invitation was possible thanks to the European Program for the Exchange of Lecturers, administrated by the Association of Korean Studies in Europe and sponsored by the Korea Foundation.

See event poster.

Park Chung Hee in Collective Memory and the (Politicized) Nostalgia after the “Spirit of Mobilization”
Agnieszka Smiatacz (Wroclaw)

1948 as Division or Foundation? The New Right Movement and South Korean Cultural Memory: A Mnemohistorical Approach
Patrick Vierthaler (Kyoto)

Challenging Korean and Japanese Historical Memories of Their Colonial Narratives as Presented in YouTube
Mark E. Caprio (Tokyo)

A Child Who Climbed the Snow Flower Mountain: Past Issues and Transitional Justice in Korea
Sungju Park-Kang (Turku)

A Secret Fund (pijagŭm) Is Not a Secret: How the Present Remembers the Cold War South Korean Family, Gender, and Excess
Eunhee Park (Kaunas)

The Periodization of Korean Archaeology in the Context of Reimagining a Collective Ancient Past
Luis Botella (Malaga)

The Tide Turns? Recent South Korean Critiques of Ancient Pseudohistory
Andrew M. Logie (Helsinki)