Praise of our students

1st year students

I really enjoyed it a lot. Every second was spent well.

I learned a lot of new and useful grammar. The classes were fun. We also tried to Korean games that we enjoyed a lot. I would like to thank the teachers and organizers and hope to see them next year.

I am very glad I was a part of Winter School. Thank you a lot.

This Winter School was a great opportunity to improve our language abilities.

Message to the teachers: It was a big pleasure for me that I could be your student.


2nd year students

I would like to thank our department for giving us the chance to enjoy this winter school again.

Both teachers were amazing and I loved all classes.

I appreciated the approach of the teachers towards students, always making sure we are progressing and explaining not only grammar but the situation where we can find ourselves in. I am thankful for all their adivse. I am going to miss Dr. Kida and Dr. Yun a lot.

Dr. Kida’s and Dr. Yun’s way of teaching was especially motivating. I hope there will be a Winter School for third year students since me and my colleagues are very interested.

I really enjoyed these two weeks.