Our Winter School had been planned, originally, as a “Summer School”. However, it had to be staged, due to the specifics of the first project term, from January 29 to February 9.

As a further consequence of this, we had to find replacements for Dr. Yun who could not make herself available at this time. Fortunately, we could secure the cooperation of two very experienced teachers who taught for one week each (see short bios below).

In terms of content we changed as follows: Given the big interest of students who wanted to use this chance to boost their language skills during holidays (or course-free time) we decided to recalibrate the teching offer. Instead of an 8-hours-a-day deep-immersion course we offered two courses with 4 real hours (240 minutes) of teaching a day. This took also in account that some participants had to commute by train every day. Two weeks of intensive out-of-the-box teaching and interaction gave 28 students a veritable boost.